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New Food

I’ve been doing some schoolwork during the day the last couple of days. I’m so proud of myself! But that isn’t very exciting, so instead I will talk about dinner yesterday.

Denis loves to go to a Persian restaurant, and he wanted me to taste the food there. We got carryout.

I’m not exactly sure what we got, but it was delicious! And it was new food for me. I love new food! I especially loved the yogurt sauce that came with it. At the gyro places in Baltimore, it was called Tzatziki. I’m not sure if that’s what this restaurant called it, but it doesn’t really matter. It was great!


  1. Lauren

    So, I’m looking at a couple of solid kebab-type meats on a giant flatbread with roasted tomatoes? Sign me up! Yum!

    Good for you for doing school work, too! That is awesome!

  2. Carol

    Did you ever eat at the Orchard Somethingortheother, a Persian restaurant off Joppa Road in Towson? They had a buffet every Sunday (at least) where you could try exotic things in small amounts in case you were not enamored of them, but most were mild and went down well (says she who doesn’t do spicy, slimy, rubbery, etc,). My favorite there: Cardamon hot tea. Wish I could find a place to buy that without chi in it (which really changes the flavor, unfortunately). Think it might be time to go back there now…

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