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Walking and Weird

I got my car air conditioning fixed yesterday. The fan had stopped working. I took it to a shop near school, so I dropped it off and walked to school to wait. The view on the walk was nice.

Summer camp has been meeting all summer. They did some chalk drawings on the driveway at school. There were axolotls! Ha!

On the walk back to the repair shop, I saw some sculptures. They’re made of driftwood. so cool!

My air conditioner is working again! Yay!

I stopped at McDonald’s on the way home because I was craving orange juice. I got a large. Mmm… And when I got to the pay window, the cashier said the car in front of me paid for my bill. That’s never happened to me. It was weird.


  1. Deborah

    I love the driftwood sculptures! And I’m glad your A/C is working again.

    • Lauren

      Ditto! Those are spectacular! I love that there are people in the world making it cooler. :). (The people ahead of you at McD’s are in that category, too.)

      • Debbie

        The drift wood sculptures are so awesome, how wonderful that you got to see! We have some drift wood….hhmmmmm! Yayyyyy OJ from a nice stranger!

  2. Diane Wilson

    Hi Brad! Yesterday on the radio, they were talking about “Paying it forward Friday” and doing random acts of kindness! I’m pretty sure that’s what happened to you at McDonald’s. I also got into the spirit of things and did some random acts of kindness yesterday. It was fun. I can tell you about it sometime at school!

  3. Carol

    Sounds like a win-win-win day to me! Yea, you! (The car thermometer here read 102F @ 1 pm when I got back into it after a memorial service. Can’t imagine life without car A/C now.)

    I’ve always wondered this, though: how does one cover the cost of the next drive-through customer unless you know what they’ve ordered already? I mean, what if they’re ordering Happy Meals for an entire scout camp that day = would you be able to cover that? Can you ask the cashier before agreeing to pay for them?!

    Just curious. Anyway, congratulations on the free OJ- which always reminds me of Maple Donuts in PA, They rented a billboard advertising free orange juice during the Simpson trial decades ago. It always made me chuckle when I saw it. (Guess you had to be there…)

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