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Sponge Substitute

Unlike my mom and my sister, I use a sponge to wash my dishes at home. I’ve been doing it for a long time. I like that it has a scrubby side and a spongy side.

The drawback is that after a while, sponges start to smell. I do let them completely dry out between uses, since I don’t make many dirty dishes from day to day, but still, they get old after a while.

I have often seen silicone “sponges” and have wondered if they work. A big “plus” for them is that they rinse completely clean, and dry very quickly. No smell! I decided to give one a try and find out.

It’s a little slippery while using. It does basic cleaning ok, but it doesn’t have much scrub power. Regular plate stuff that’s just dried on takes a bit of work. More stubborn stuff, like a frying pan, didn’t work for me at all.

I will be going back to regular sponges. Maybe I’ll keep this silicone sponge around so I can just touch it from time to time. It feels weird.


  1. Lauren

    Hee hee! You already know that I bought one of those just to play with it. It’s so weird feeling! I’ve been using it for a little cleaning, too, and you’re right – no scrub power. For that, I use cut-up rectangles of Scotch Brite pads. They can go through the dishwasher after the first couple of True Grossenings, then tossed after that.

  2. Gretchen

    I have one of those and it feels like washing dishes with a Koosh ball. (Remember those?) I agree with your assessment: cool but ineffective.

  3. Beth

    Yea…I’m not a sponge-girl. They’re gross to me. I have one for tough scrubbing…I don’t even remember the last time I used it. My dishes, with almost no exception, go in the dishwasher.
    I like dishcloths way better for keeping around, because I wipe off my counters and table multiple times a day….
    (My name is Beth, I have OCD. *Hi, Beth!*)

  4. Debbie

    Yeah, i’m a dishwasher girl! But when i do hand wash i use a little scrub brush and store it in a coffee mug “up” so it doesn’t sit in any water drippings. It has the scrub power and also a little “scraper”on one side in case you really gotta chunck off some dried cream of wheat! (You could build a house with that stuff! ) debbie tip: always run water in your dirty dishes and soak silverware as they await their washing then nothing gets stuck on! Big rule here. I can see being one person not running the dishwasher much. Take your”feel weird scrubber” to school as a stress sponge!

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