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Dagger of Desire

Ever since I got my Lord of the Rings movie reproduction sword, I’ve been on the mailing list for the company I bought it from. I look at their stuff every once in a while, because it’s interesting. They sell lots of knives and swords of course, but also survival gear and things to prepare yourself for the collapse of society.

A while ago, they offered a dagger that is part of a line of non-movie-prop weapons. They are actual, sharp and pointy knives and swords – I guess for fighting off zombies. One of the daggers caught my eye. It was pretty. I wanted it.

I didn’t buy it, of course, because what do I need a dagger for? But then it went out of stock. And then I wanted it more. I kept going back to look if it was back in stock, and it wasn’t in stock, and I wanted it more. This has continued for months, and I have wanted it so badly…

Yesterday, it was back in stock. I very nearly bought it. It’s not a lot of money. And it’s so, so pretty. But what would I do with it? I hardly ever meet any zombies.

But if I had it, I could hold it. I bet it would feel so good. Maybe I could just hold it while I watch TV. I bet that would be nice.


  1. Lauren

    That is a pretty knife. (I’m a fan of knives.) Maybe you could use it for kebabs? shaving? food prep?

  2. Kristi

    I think it’s your new gardening tool.

  3. Carol

    ……..should we be worried about you, Brad?

    –moderately concerns on the Mainland

  4. Elaine Royuk

    You made me laugh!! You deserve it! Right?

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