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The copy machine at school isn’t working. I have a laser printer in my room, so I can just print things there, and use my phone scanner if I need copies. My classroom-neighbor Chloe asked if I could print some things off for her. I was glad to help.

After I finished, she said she was going to the store and asked if I wanted a thank you treat. I said I’d love some grapes. My fruit-picking-outing ability is really bad. If anything, I seem to have a talent for picking fruit that is NOT good. I had been craving grapes, but the last time I bought some, they were terribly sour.

Yesterday after returning with the class from our bathroom break, this was on my teacher chair:

Pay no attention to the rough-looking appearance of the chair. It is EXTREMELY comfortable. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

The grapes were GREAT! Thanks, Chloe! Yum!

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  1. Lauren

    Awww… Chloe is awesome! It’s good to have people that are good at picking out fruit. (I’m not one of them. It’s all luck-of-the-draw here.)

    I love that you are keeping your comfortable chair. Function, not form!

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