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Back to the Box

I returned something to Amazon for the first time ever. It was actually pretty easy. They give you a label, you print it, stick it to the box, and take it to a UPS place.

It was a wireless earbud for my phone. It did a good job cancelling out my air conditioner noise for the people I as talking to, but the speaker was so distorted and static-filled, I couldn’t hear them. Dang. Maybe I’ll try again.


  1. Lauren

    Dang. Maybe a different kind will work? My brother wears hearing aids and they connect to his phone via Bluetooth. It was freaky watching him have a conversation with no-one.

  2. Kristi

    Amazon gives us the option of a return code. I like it. We take the unboxed item to the UPS store and get the return code scanned. Then UPS returns a whole bunch of Amazon items in fewer boxes. This saves shipping for Amazon, and those savings SHOULD be passed along to me, the customer.

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