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Repeated Repast

For quite a while now, I’ve been bringing the same thing for school lunch each day – two slices of white bread with two slices of American cheese between them. At school, I’m just eating to stay alive.

But recently, I’ve gotten tired of my cheese sandwiches, so now I’m eating….

HAM and cheese


  1. Lauren

    Whaaaat??? Bumpin’ up that protein! Added flavor! You are a wild man. 😀

  2. Kristi

    I’ve been told that eating is seen two ways…

    Are you eating to stay alive? OR
    Are you staying alive to eat?

  3. Carol

    Pretty soon we’ll read that you’ve even added (…wait for it…) CONDIMENTS to that sandwich.

    Please warn us to be seated before we scroll down to that when it happens. Thank you.

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