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I got a new projector for my classroom at the beginning of the school year, but it did not have a digital keystone adjuster, and the picture was wonky, so I got a new one. I was glad to get a new one, because the speaker on the old one was so quiet.

The new projector has a digital keystone! Yay! And the picture is WAY brighter! Yay! But the speaker is still so, so quiet. Ugh.

I have been trying for weeks and weeks to solve the problem. The projector has RCA inputs on the back (those old red, white, and yellow ports), but they seem to be only decorative. I’ve been using an HDMI cable to connect he projector. An internet search said that you can get a device that splits the sound off, so that the video continues to be HDMI, but the audio is RCA. Perfect! I could get an external speaker.

Many purchases and returns of cables and speakers later, I have finally gotten things set up. Woo hoo! I’m using a TV sound bar as my speaker. It is GREAT for movies on the computer, but my DVD player is still so quiet. Shoot. Or maybe it’s “The Ten Commandments” that’s so quiet. I tried playing it from Amazon, and it was still quiet. Dang.

Here is the setup:

And here is the amazing little box that splits the sound off:

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  1. Lauren

    Old Testament people were much, much quieter, and much shorter, if I remember correctly. 😉

    Good for you for figuring out the connections and a good solution! I think that lots of projectors have bad sound. You sound bar looks pretty cool where it’s mounted.

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