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Hands in the Dirt

I worked on the native Hawaiian plant bed at school yesterday. There was a big delay in getting the plants, but I finally got them yesterday morning.

I worked all day long.

I spent a lot of time arranging and re-arranging the plants.

I decided I would have one area for the succulents. This area would be mulched with lava rock cinders. Planting the plants through the landscape fabric was tedious.

The other section was bigger than I thought. The center piece of the garden is an ohia tree. It’s very small right now. Hopefully it grows quickly. The rest of the space is filled with five varieties of native plants. I repeated them in order to fill the space.

I didn’t get a proper “after” picture. I was running the sprinkler system to test it and to soak the soil. And I was really tired. It was late afternoon by then.

This morning, Russel is taking me to get some wood mulch from a friend of his. I’m so glad! The bagged mulch at Lowe’s and Home Depot is crazy expensive!


  1. Lauren

    Spectacular! That looks much tidier than the old overgrown grouping. How nice that you were able to get it done over your break!

    There are sprinklers in that planter? Someone was thinking ahead. Very cool!

    • Elaine Royuk

      That looks and will look great!! You, my dear, are a worker!! Thanks from all who walk by the area!

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