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Oh Deer

The kids at school who aren’t in band are in Enrichment. On Thursdays, I’ve been doing a Hawaiian Native Plants class. On Tuesdays, Peter is doing a jogging class. Usually, Peter has had two other adults go along to help corral the kids. Yesterday, neither could come, so Josh and I joined him.

I took up the rear, so I didn’t actually get to jog much, because the last kids did a lot of walking, but it was still fun.

And as we were going through the wooded path of the park nearby, something magical happened: I saw my first deer. People are always saying there are lots of deer here on Maui, but I have never seen one. Until yesterday. When I saw what must’ve been several dozens of deer running across the path in front of our group. There were a LOT of them.

I took several pictures, but they were far away, and running fast. Here is my best shot:


  1. Lauren

    WHAT?!?!?!?!?! DEER?!?!? How the holy heck did they get there? Did somebody import deer long ago? This is causing me to question so many things.

    I feel for your kids walking at the end. I could not imagine jogging for more than twenty seconds.

    • Brad

      Hehe… Yes, deer were imported. I can’t remember if they were brought for meat or sport, but it was to hunt them.

  2. Lloyd

    I saw 3 deer in the photo. did I miss any? Also, do you have deer season?

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