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Dinner Decision

Recently, when I was at the grocery store, I saw an endcap display for frozen dinners. I got a couple on impulse. They were delicious.

The next time I went shopping, I got a bunch of them.

I like them. They are less unhealthy than a lot of the stuff I eat at night, and they make a relatively cheap meal. I used to get these kind of regularly. I’m not sure why I stopped. I think I’ll be getting them regularly again.


  1. Lauren

    You got the turkey meals! Those are my favorite – it’s Thanksgiving anytime! Marie Callender is an excellent brand, too, unlike the ‘Budget’ meals I ate on a regular basis. Mmmmm…… $1 for turkey loaf and croutons in gravy…..mmmm……

    I’ve never tried those other kinds, but they look delicious. Good call!

  2. Carol

    I concur – who doesn’t love Marie Callender?! Me personally? I am fond of two of Lean Cuisine’s frozen dinners, both with the fish my dear husband cannot eat (specifically their Tortilla Crusted Fish and their Parmesan crusted fish.) I used to bring those to school at BLS and heat them up for lunch on days I knew would be longer; now they serve as Wednesday evening meals when hubby is not home and I have an on-line Bible study at 7 pm and no time to do otherwise. Hmm…wonder what type of “fish” I’ve been eating?

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