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Many Mechanics

I have called a lot of mechanics trying to get a second opinion on my truck. When I leave a message, my call is not returned. Some places don’t answer their phone. Some places answer, but say it’s too big of a job and they won’t do it.

I finally got a place to look at it yesterday.

…and they said it WASN’T my timing chain. It was some ignition coils and my spark plugs. Instead of $4000 (or more), it was only $500! Thank God for second opinions!

They fixed it yesterday. I have my truck back, in working order. Yay!


  1. Lauren

    Why did my comment not go through?? Hooray! Hooray for a better fix!! I am so, so, so glad!

  2. Carol

    Now THAT’s something to be thankful for – God bless the second opinion guys. Congratulations on not spending $3500 and getting back a functioning set of wheels.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Brad. I am grateful for you – even when you are thousands of miles away…

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