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Thank You

Yesterday after church was over, one of the ladies in the congregation called me over to talk with her. She doesn’t walk very well anymore, so she needs people to come to her. As I approached, she took out a card and gave it to me. It was a Thanksgiving card.

As we spoke, she earnestly thanked me for the things I do around church and school. It was so sweet.

I think cards are great! It takes intentional effort and time to pick one and to give it. As I get older, a gift of someone’s time seems more valuable than money.

Anyway, her name is Joan, and I’m writing it into my post so I can remember her act of kindness. Thank you, Joan!

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  1. Lauren

    Oh, that is so sweet! Both her act of kindness and your genuine appreciation of it! That is a valuable lesson in thankfulness. 🙂 God bless Joan!

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