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Holey Plant, Batman!

Yesterday I noticed that the crown flower tree I planted at school had some holes in its leaves. There’s a caterpillar eating it.

But this isn’t just any old caterpillar. It’s a monarch butterfly caterpillar! That is, in fact, why I planted it. Crown flower trees are the main hosts of monarchs here on Maui. I’m not sure how many leaves a caterpillar needs to eat before it pupates. Hopefully it won’t take all the leaves on my baby tree. It would be hard to decide between my tree surviving and the caterpillar surviving.

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  1. Lauren

    That is one excellent title. 😀

    I don’t know, Brad. I want to root for the caterpillar but I also don’t want your plant to die. Although….you’d get to buy a new plant! Win/win!

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