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Plant Corner

The native Hawaiian plants I put in the planter by the church/preschool door are doing well. The ‘ihi plants look particularly good because they’re blooming.

Diane said people were asking her about them, and that maybe I should write something for the church newsletter, so I did.

People enjoyed the little blurb, so Diane invited me to write about some of the other plants. How fun!


  1. Lauren

    Brilliant!! That really is a great idea to let people know about what’s in the planter and all around their home island! A little botany education, a little Latin, some witty writing? – ‘Plant Corner With Brad’ is my new favorite book!

  2. Deborah

    This is great!

  3. Carol

    Now your horticultural skills have been published – I see even bigger thigs in your future, Brad. You do love your plants…and others reap that benefit, too.

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