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Confusing Cut

I have a stash of grading pens we use in my classroom. The ends have started to be cut off. Yesterday I told my students to not use the scissors to cut the pens because it would dull the scissors. Then one of my students said she is the one who’s been doing it, but she didn’t use scissors – she used her mask.


Then she showed me – she sawed her mask ear strap back and forth across the pen. It got hot, then slid right through the pen and cut off the end. Mind blown!

Maybe a mask could be an emergency supply… could you rub it on a piece of wood and start a fire? This needs more investigation…


  1. Deborah

    That’s interesting that she would so easily confess that. She must have been proud of her work. And what kind of mask does she have? That’s crazy!

    • Brad

      It’s just a regular paper mask! Isn’t that crazy?

  2. Mark

    Future NASA engineer in the making!

  3. Lauren

    I’m going to need her contact information……

  4. Kristi

    That is crazy! What kind of cheap pens are those anyway? I can probably guess where they’re made.

    How did she figure out how to do that? I mean, who goes around, trying to saw off pens with the strap of a paper mask? She is definitely an engineer.

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