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Rainday Sunday

We are FINALLY getting some rain. It has been forever! The timing is a little off though. We were supposed to have grades 3,4,5 sing at church yesterday morning. Since it was going to be a big service, we were planning to have it out in the courtyard area. We had to cancel.

But the rain is good. We have been in a serious drought situation for quite a while. And at least the plants are getting watered:

During the day, it kept raining and raining. At night, the rain got HEAVY. A lot of roads flooded out. The rain is supposed to go into the day today, so school is canceled.

I’m glad I went grocery shopping on Saturday. I’m all stocked up and ready for today’s rainpocalypse.


  1. Karla

    On paper, this sounds as funny as the southern states cancelling school because of a dusting of snow!

    But I’m glad you guys are getting much needed rain. Enjoy your rainy Monday.

  2. Lauren

    I love ‘rainpocalypse’! Stay in and stay dry, people.

    The news was telling us how the only two states under blizzard warnings were Alaska and Hawaii. Is this rain your portion of the blizzard? Send it back until it’s properly snow.

  3. Carol

    Ar least you’re not on The Big Island – I hear you’d need boots, scarves, gloves, and coats there lately. (“What climate change?”) Glad you got a slight reprieve from the drought but not praying nobody floats away…

  4. Brad

    The power went off at 9:15 last night, and just now came on (at 4:30). I guess there was some wisdom in canceling school. I haven’t checked, but I’m guessing the power was out for many people on the island last night.

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