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Some Substitutions

A while ago at the grocery store, I got a box of cornbread muffin mix. I like cornbread, but only ever eat it when it’s a side from barbecue restaurants. Since I got this mix, I could have it anytime I want. Yum!

Last night, I decided to make them, but then found out I needed an egg. Dang.

But wait! The packaging of my ground flax seed says it can be a substitute for eggs! I tablespoon flax, three tablespoons water… let sit for five minutes.

I also don’t have a muffin pan or cupcake papers. I used my glass custard cups.

It worked! I ate cornbread last night! Mmm…

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  1. Lauren

    Hooray for substitutions! That is new news about ground flax seed, and thanks to you, I have some of that! Your cornbread looks delicious…..

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