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Roaming Reptile

Last year, the eighth graders and seventh graders had a contest where one class hid a small plastic lizard in my classroom somewhere, and the other class tried to find it. Then the finders would become the hiders. It was fun.

This year, the new eighth graders thought it would be fun to do again. There had been a few back-and-forths, when one of the kids hid the lizard in a place on the floor. Our cleaning guy must’ve thought it was trash and threw it away.

I told this story during faculty devotions, and Diane said she had a lizard she had confiscated as contraband from a second grader. Yesterday morning, she left it in my room. Yay! Let the games continue!


  1. Lauren

    That is going to be the start those kids tell as adults. “We used to have this lizard…..” Too funny!

  2. Lauren

    ugh. “story” I shouldn’t comment when I am sleepy. Dumb auto-correct….

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