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Christmas in January

I didn’t check my mail on Saturday, so I checked yesterday. I had a package! It was from Debbie in Tennessee. It had Christmas presents in it! Woo hoo!

Everything she sent is so fun, but I have to comment about the mug. I have a Superman mug already, and Debbie knew that, but she had to send me this one because it is HUGE. I measured water as I poured it in. It’s 32 ounces. It holds a quart of coffee. Ha! That’s awesome!


  1. Lauren

    That will hold the correct amount of coffee.

    Debbie, you are a gem!! I am cracking up at those stamps – so cool!

  2. Carol

    Now you can eat hot soup from this Superman mug and drink hot beverages from your original one. We put hot soup into our 32-oz ceramic Pepe Le Pew and Mickey Mouse mugs. (Can we even say Pepe’s name these days? sigh…anyway) Super eating to you, sir!

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