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Sold Separately

In fourth quarter, I always read and discuss a novel with the seventh graders called “A Single Shard”. It’s a great story, and a Newbery Award winner. I have the students buy their own copy of the book so that I don’t have to police their treatment of a classroom set. I do offer to to order it for them if they want to.

This year, my book ordering has been weird. The book isn’t available on Amazon. Other online book places don’t seem to have it either. What is going on with this book? Were they behind on printings?

I finally called the local Barnes and Noble. They said they could order it for me and have it sent to my school. I ordered thirteen of them.

The first ones arrived on Tuesday:

Then more on Wednesday:


And yesterday:

How strange! It’s like they put out the word to all the Barnes and Nobles in the country, and whoever had a copy on their shelf is sending it to me separately.

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  1. Lauren

    Fascinating! I think you might be cleaning the world out of that book! If the rest of us want to read it, I guess we’ll settle for an electronic version….

    (Great title, by the way.)

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