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Paia Pizza Party

Ha! The title is THREE words that alliterate!

Last night the band had a fundraiser at a pizza place in Paia. The restaurant offered a percentage of each meal, and there was a silent auction. I met Andrea and Nancy there, because it is our usual Bible study night, and because Andrea is the band director, so she was there already.

We thought we might squeeze in a little Bible studying, but it didn’t work out. There were lots of school families there, and we ended up spending most of our time in the silent auction room, which was an upstairs room away from the dining area.

It was fun to have a night out and to have some social time.


  1. Lauren

    Such interesting things on the auction! Bags, gift cards, plants, a vinyl banner …. are those jams? My screen is too tiny! Zoom in! Enhance!

    You were social on a school night – wow! 😀

  2. Beth

    But… what did you win on the silent auction?

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