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It’s teacher appreciation week. Our preschool director has decided to make it festive for everyone. She sent us little questionnaires about our favorite things. Based on my answers, she made a personalized poster for my room. It’s awesome!

She also shared our lists with the parents of our students, and suggested a theme for each day. Yesterday was “bring a treat for your teacher” day.

Wow! Such wonderful kindness! It was a happy day.


  1. Lauren

    That is SO SWEET! I think that is just marvelous! Now you have a drawer full of deliciousness! (That poster absolutely rocks!)

  2. Carol

    I. Love. This! They sure have your number, so to speak. I know you deserve everything they give you, Brad.

    Our school has a daily theme for this week as well. Today was Moving Candy Bar day – choose your favorite from the “bar” as it rolls down the hallways (adult-attached). On Wednesday heart-shaped notes from students will be delivered to teachers for whom any were written (sure hope I get at least one…sniffle). Thursday, being Cinco de Mayo, is Nacho Mid-day Bar day, while Friday is Popcorn Bar day (self-explanatory?) Appreciative parents and students more than make up for (most of) the aggravation that arises during the year, don’t they?

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