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Busy and Beans

This has been a crazy week. Our May Day celebration is tomorrow, so we’ve been having all kinds of practices. I’m also getting my condo ready for listing. The real estate agents are taking pictures today after school.

Still, things are good. The kids are in good spirits, and I’ve been eating cookies all day every day since I got so many on Monday for Teacher Appreciation Week.

On top of all that, my gardening at school is yielding results! Yesterday at recess, I was looking at the potted plants by the school office, and saw that the bean plants the kindergarteners had sprouted (which I planted in one of the pots) are starting to grow tiny bean pods! Yay!


  1. Lauren

    The literal fruits of their labor! How joyous! Thank you for preparing a place for them to watch these little miracles. You’re a good teacher, Mr. Royuk. Have a cookie. 🙂

    • Carol

      What she said…

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