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Unusual Sights

I went grocery shopping yesterday, and when I go to the checkout, I noticed how weird my grocery cart looked:

The box is Triscuits

I didn’t get a lot of my regular stuff because I already had it. This past week was a weird one for me. I ate a lot of junk for lunch instead of my regular stuff, so I still have my regular stuff. And I still have dinner stuff at home, so I didn’t need that.

When I got home, the sun was setting. The sun was lighting up the clouds more that usual. I took a picture and sent it to my co-workers. A couple of them sent pictures back. Ha! So fun! Here’s mine:

From Diane:

From Megan:


  1. Deborah


  2. Lauren

    You have the best skies…..

    That is a cart that’s chock-full of calcium, sir! Is that broccoli? No – more artichokes, huh?

  3. Brad

    Green bell peppers. I couldn’t afford to buy more than one artichoke at a time. They are crazy expensive here. Hehe…

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