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A Lot of Mangos

I substituted for the pastor yesterday. I’ll post the message tomorrow, because I forgot to upload it while I was on my school computer.

The last service of the day was at 5pm in Lahaina. The church we had the service at had mango trees in their parking lot.

I thought one of them might have fallen into my truck while I was in church, but it didn’t happen.

I didn’t pick one. I don’t know how to even select mangos. Can you pick unripe ones, and they’ll ripen on your kitchen counter? Mmm… now I’m craving mango. Maybe I should visit a farmers market…

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  1. Lauren

    See, your problem is that you didn’t park one space to the right and hit that tree a little bit. You would have knocked a bunch into the bed of your truck. 😉

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