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Key Conundrum

I have had two open houses for my condo so far, and will continue to have showings this week. There is one scheduled for today while I’m at school.

It’s been challenging to live like this. There are some staging materials here and there, and I don’t want to mess them up. I also have a lot of things not in their regular places. One of those things is my keys. They usually sit in a bowl on the stand by my tv. There are knick-knacks there now, so my keys just sit on the counter. It’s unsettling.

I will put the dishes away before I leave for school.


  1. Lauren

    It’s like forced tidiness, which doesn’t sound very nice.

    People are going to be in your house while you’re not there – it’s kind of like Santa. Maybe they’ll leave a present? 😀

  2. Lloyd

    How can you live like that. The humanity!?!

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