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Hot Car

Beth and Tara and Tim are here! Woo hoo! Harold couldn’t come because of wrestling commitments.

I almost couldn’t pick them up last night because my truck had been overheating. On Tuesday when I drove home, all the water boiled out of my radiator. Yikes! I put a gallon and a half of water in, and limped into Kahului the next day, then left it at school until I could get an appointment at the mechanic.

It got fixed yesterday. It was only a leaking pipe of some kind, and was a (relatively) cheap fix! Yay!


  1. Lauren

    Whew! That was a close call!

    Have a splendid time with 3/4 of the Pester crew! I’m sure it’s going to be a blast!

  2. Carol

    That gets me to thinkin’: you paid “a few” dollars to have your beloved Toyota truck shipped to Hawaii five years ago…do you plan to ship it back to the mainland with you, or are you thinking of getting a new one once you hit California (now that new and used cars are SO inexpensive and in SUCH plentiful supply – – ahem)? Sounds like a tough decision either way. Praying for a good outcome there…

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