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Exercising Kindness

At school yesterday, we had a fund-raising run. It was a lot of fun. The middle-school classes came out to cheer on the young ones.

We had an early dismissal because of the festivities. After school, I picked up Beth, Tara, and Tim. We joined some of my co-workers for happy hour, then did a little shopping.

As we came to a stoplight, a car stalled out in front of us. Several people immediately responded by jumping out of their cars to push the stalled vehicle to the shoulder. It was an amazing display of kindness – complete strangers spontaneously helping someone. I had to take a picture of it:

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  1. Lauren

    Those Maui people. So nice. <3

    Have a great weekend, you guys! Lloyd and I are on the road, headed toward …… a May snowstorm.

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