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Music Boxes

I worked at school yesterday. I’m trying to pack stuff there first, since it’s less stuff. I got some good progress made yesterday. I’ll be working there today as well.

Packing has been difficult because I have so many books that I’ve been carrying from school to school. Most of them are music books. I’ve kept them just in case I need them. But I haven’t needed them. So should I keep them?

I tried to cull them a little yesterday. I had mild success.

Still, I think I will have four boxes of hymnals, song books, liturgical music, and piano pieces. Because what if I need it some day?


  1. Lauren

    Way to go! I’m impressed that you are just keeping what you need. Will you take the others to that cool used bookstore? Someone will be very happy to get what you’re leaving. 🙂

  2. Carol

    You’ll inevitably still retain some material you may never need again and regret leaving behind other material you could use in your new position, Brad. I know this is what I went through when I “retired” in 2016 then when P/T for 5 years. “Oh, I used to have one of those…” “Where did I put my – – oh, yea…that’s right.” Just prepare to re-purchase if you truly need something and bid a fond farewell to things that served you/your students well through the years. So goes life. You can do this – hang in there!

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