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Parking Problem

My shipping pod was delivered today. It gets picked up again on Tuesday, so I have a while to load it. There isn’t much extra space in our condo complex, so the property manager said I should just put it in my parking spot.

When I looked up the dimensions of the pod, I saw that it would easily fit, but the trailer it’s on has wide wheels, so they crowd my neighbor’s spot. I talked with her about it, and she was very kind. She said she would get a visitor permit, and park in a visitor spot until Tuesday. She’s a good egg.

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  1. Lauren

    There are such good people there. Thank you, kind neighbor!

    Those U-Boxes are a great idea. I wonder how long they’ve been doing that? I’m also in awe and jealous that everyone you are taking will fit in that box. You’re the ultimate minimalist.

    ……I need to go get rid of some stuff.

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