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We went to the swap meet yesterday. I saw some small quilts there a few weeks ago, and haven’t been able to stop thinking about them. I wanted to go back and get one. I didn’t end up getting it from the place I expected to. I went to another booth, and while I was chatting with the lady there, she pulled out one that wasn’t even on display. It was so pretty, and had a Hawaiian hibiscus design. I got it!

After some more packing, and a little napping, we went to a restaurant in Paia that I had a gift card for. Since we were so close to Ho’okipa, we decided to take a look at the turtles.

They always look like rocks. There were a LOT of them:

We stuck around for the sunset. It was beautiful.

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  1. Lauren

    Awwww…. those turtles are so cute napping. Your quilt would be the perfect size for one!

    Enjoy these last days – they look wonderful!

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