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Ohia Almost

I’ve gone walking a little bit just to stay active. I’m afraid my inactivity is undoing all the good work I did with my trainer in Maui. I need to find someone new…

Anyway, while I was walking, I saw an ohia tree growing by the side of the road!

After I noticed that one, I saw that they were everywhere! It’s a tree the city uses when it plants trees by the side of the road. Cool!

Then I went online to do some research, and found out that they aren’t actually ohia trees, which are metrosideros polymorpha. They are a cousin to the ohia called New Zealand Christmas Tree, or metrosideros excelsa. Still, it’s pretty exciting to have almost seen a Hawaiian native in LA. Maybe I could find an ohia tree at a garden center and plant it somewhere…


  1. Lauren

    Your brain has so much plant information in it. It’s astounding!

    Good for you for walking around to keep active. That’s a good way to see your neighborhood, too – two birds, one stone!

  2. Debbie

    What a cool tree….flower is almost like a mimosa tree? Sorta? Very underwater like.

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