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Burgers and Rainbows

Yesterday for lunch I stopped at In-N-Out burger restaurant. I’ve heard a lot about it, but never had one.

The burger was good. I would eat one again. The fries weren’t my favorite though.

On the drive home, I pulled up behind a car with an amazing paint job. It was sliver, but with iridescent rainbows. It looked like science fiction! I wonder if I could paint a Toyota Tacoma like this:


  1. Lauren

    What??? How did they do that to the car? I have so many questions!

    I’ve heard about the In-N-Out burgers. A while back there was some story about a lady who took one across the country and .. lost a burger? I forget how it goes. Googling…… Here we go: https://ny.eater.com/2019/7/24/20726407/in-n-out-nyc-burger-mystery-2019-solved

  2. Debbie

    OH my goodness at that car!!! I’m in sensory overload!!! You should definitely consider it for your truck! SO FUN!

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