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Garden Center!

I went to a garden center yesterday. Took my time and walked through the entire place. It was so fun! They had such exotic plants, like apple trees and lilacs.

This is such a fun climate zone to live in, because it’s warm enough to grow tropical plants, but there’s a cool season, so there’s a whole other category of plants available as well. I am so excited to learn about all the ins and outs of gardening here!

But by far my most exciting find at the garden center was a velvet-leaf philodendron. I had one in Maui and was so sad to leave it behind. Now I have a new one! Woo hoo!


  1. Lauren

    Bring on the gardening adventures! I never knew there was a different kind of philodendron. (That’s the only kind of plant I can reliably grow.)

    The other day I watched a video about how to make those garden arches out of cattle panels. A house here in town has them and they’re pretty cool. If I were a reliable gardener, it would be fun to try.

  2. Carol

    HA! I loved your humor about the apple and lilac being “exotics” – I guess in Hawaii they would be, eh? Your excitement about gardening is almost tangible, Brad – God bless you! (There’s a just a touch of “how are you at weeding?” hidden in there, too. 😉 )

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