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A New Car!

(If you think back, can you hear that in Rod Roddy’s voice from The Price is Right?)

I have a new truck! Yay! I got it from Carmax, because I like not haggling. I also like that they have their inventory online, so you can just search for the features you’re looking for.

I got another Tacoma, but one much younger than my previous one. It’s so fancy! It’s like driving the car of the future!

It has a double cab. Back seats! Next time my mom and Aunt Marlys visit, they won’t have to argue about who sits in the crazy rumble seats, like in my old truck.

I ended up finding a truck that checked almost all my boxes. There were a few more bells and whistles than I was looking for. The thing that will take most getting used to is the bed cover:

I guess it could be good, because it keeps things in the bed under locks, but it’s a strange look.

I’m so glad to have a car though! Hooray! It was my last big “personal life” concern before school. Now I can focus on school stuff, and just do the home stuff for fun in my spare time.


  1. Kristi

    Congrats on the vehicle purchase!

    I LOVED the Price Is Right!!!! I’m glad you didn’t overbid.

  2. Karla

    Hurray for the new car! Our truck has a cover for the bed and I love it. I hope you enjoy yours.

    I also really like how some of the white Toyota vehicles look like stormtroopers from the front.

  3. Lauren

    Woo-hoo!! That is so gorgeous and fancy!! Enjoy your fabulous new vehicle!! (Your title was perfect. 😀 )

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