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Beautiful Bloom

Yesterday I spent some time unpacking boxes, and some time shopping for some home stuff, but nothing was picture-worthy.

I did at one point look for the main water shut-off for my house, and as I was looking, I saw a morning glory vine growing in the desolate patch of dirt to the east of my house. It had some flowers on it. They were beautiful.


  1. Carol

    Love how MG’s look but hate how they can really take over a patch of plants. We finally pulled out the bank of azaleas on the east side of our house years ago because we could never get a handle on all the ‘glory vines. If yours is growing in an otherwise-bare patch, though, maybe they’ll just add beauty and not strangle out other more-desirables…?

    …and did you ever find the shut off valve??

  2. Lauren

    Awww… that is just lovely. 🙂

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