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Pretty Colors

I got up early so I could work in my classroom before church yesterday. I got there just as the sun was rising. I had a great view of it from the balcony by the classroom.

My toe was hurting because earlier in the morning my foot slipped off the edge of the tub and I stubbed my toe. When I got home I checked on it, and it was bruised. I was so excited! I never bruise! My skin hurts when I bump things, but the bruises never show. But look! A bruise!

In the evening, I was in the back watering plants, and I saw the sunset. A perfect book-end to the day:


  1. Carol

    I do believe you are about the only person I’ve ever known to get positively excited about being bruised. Just wait, you young whipper-snapper – when you’re our age you’ll awaken and wonder where the newest bruises came from. Not so exciting.

    • Lauren

      Yes, welcome to the club of fragile blood vessels. We welcome you with mottled arms.

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