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Pocket Problem

I had to buy all new teacher shirts for school this year. I already complained that it is hard to find anything but “slim fit” shirts, which is ridiculous. I must also complain that none of the shirts I’m seeing have pockets. I keep trying to put my grading pen there, and it just slides off my chest. No pocket!

Is this a fashion change that happened in the five years I lived in Maui? Men’s dress shirts stopped having pockets? What is going on? I’m so confused.


  1. Brady

    Bought a dress shirt a few years ago and loved the way it fit, but it has no pockets which makes it effectively pointless.

  2. Lauren

    What would a modern man need a ‘pen’ for? Everything’s online!

    I’d also like to say to you gentlemen, “Welcome to the world of women’s fashion. No one thinks we need functional pockets.” It’s a thing. A big thing.

    • Brady

      I’ll push back a bit on that, it seems like all I see discussed online with women’s dresses are how they HAVE pockets. It’s almost comical to me.

  3. Debbie Foelber

    Tom has also been frustrated when looking for dress shirts or polos because it is hard to find them with pockets.
    Lauren- thankfully, pockets may be making a comeback in ladies clothes. I was surprised to discover, when I hemmed a prom dress for a young lady from church last spring, that it had pockets. I asked her about it and she said lots of the dresses she tried on had them. I guess they were for their phones..lol.

  4. Beth

    Try Penney’s. Search for Stafford brand. They have regular fit, with pockets, and you can even choose if you want the button down collar or not.

  5. Kristi

    You were in Maui for five years???? Wow – time flies.

    Sorry, no help for you on the shirt/pocket situation. My husband’s clerical shirts always have pockets.

    Wait – maybe a clerical shirt? They come in a variety of colors.
    Just kidding.

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