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Doors Galore!

My new sliding door is done already! I love it! It’s perfect! Here are the “before” and “after” shots:

The guy did something else for me too. I mean, I asked him – it wasn’t a surprise. In order to get from my house to my garage, I had to go outside. It was a huge bother. He put a door through the wall so I can just go from the garage to the house and vice-versa. It’s like I have a whole new useable space!

I wish I had a “before” picture of the garage side, because it’s such a dramatic change. It’s so finished-looking! I love it!

This is the last big change (for now). I still have to have a plumber and electrician over, but their repairs won’t be visible, so they won’t be as fun.


  1. Lauren

    Wow!! You have improved the functionality of that house tenfold!! That is amazing! I am just astonished that bing bang boom – it’s DONE!

    Now I want to show you a handrail that I have absolutely no use for, but I want someone to buy it. I was searching for my Dad but he didn’t like them. I just think they are exceptionally clever: https://holdtighthandrails.com/

    • Brad

      It’s funny you posted a link to that particular rail. When I thought it was going to be more than one step down to the ground, I was looking at railings and really liked that one. The only problem is that it attaches to the corner instead of the flat wall. The frame of the sliding door wouldn’t support it.

      • Lauren

        They actually have a version that attaches to the wall!

  2. Brady

    The door from the garage to the house is *chefs kiss* exactly what every garage needs. Surprised at how many homes don’t have this.

    • Carol

      Probably as many as also never had the garage…just sayin’… 😉

  3. Kristi

    Your “door guy” is incredible! I love the improvements you’ve made to your home already.

  4. Carol

    Great changes, sir! Just one question: do you need to hop in and out of that new sliding door? I don’t see the bottom edge as level with the pool area. Is there a plan to add steps there yet, or am I missing something?

    • Brad

      There is one step down. It’s cement that’s still drying, so it’s dark and harder to see. The door guy wanted to keep it small so the pool deck area would be clear.

      • Carol

        (straining her old eyeballs) “…ooohhhhh kay – I think I can almost make a step out there now!”

        Just glad no jumping in or out will be needed. Nicely done!

  5. Debbie

    I’m catching up slow here but OH MY GOODNESS HOW PERFECT! When we put a door in where there wasn’t one it was so exillerating! Function is most important in life. How fun for you, yes, it’s like new spaces added. Awesome!

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