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Diagram Difficulties

My religion class lesson yesterday was partially about Venn diagrams because this is how the teacher book filled one out:

It was all wrong. The name of the things you’re comparing are supposed to be at the top. The differences should be in the side sections of the circles. And they didn’t even have anything in the middle part at all.

It bothered me more than it should have.


  1. Lauren

    Yeah. That is wonky. Can you write to the publishers?

  2. Kristi

    What publisher is this?

    What would be the common ground (the middle portion) of this Venn diagram? Very strange indeed.

    • Brad

      It’s CPH. I really don’t care for this particular iteration of their religion curriculum. I hear a new one is in development.

      I asked the kids what could be written in the middle section of the diagram, and got many thoughtful answers: they’re books, they use words, they talk about religion, they’re old. Good creativity, kids!

  3. Carol

    Poor use of a graphic illustrator, I think. If there is nothing in the center, why use ol’ Venn at all? And what ever would be in the center of this comparison?

    Me thinks a T-chart would have worked better…?

    You good teacher you – you know a poorly-written lesson when you see one!

  4. Debbie

    Getem Brad!

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