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Swatch Story

My watch band broke a while ago. It has taken me a longer time to fix it than I thought it would. It’s a Swatch, so I thought I should find a Swatch store to fix it. It took me several days to remember to look for Swatch stores in LA. There are no Swatch stores. Dang. But I did see that there was a regular watch store that did repairs in a mall nearby.

After another several days, I finally went to the mall. The watch store guy said Swatch bands are specialty items, and he couldn’t help me. Dang. But he said I could look online.

After another several days, I looked online for Swatch bands. The Swatch site didn’t have the silicone band I was looking for. Dang. But I looked on Amazon, and China appeared to have something that would work with Swatch watches.

The new band came in the mail yesterday. I didn’t wait several days to put it on my watch. Yay!


  1. Lauren

    Wow! I am impressed! Did it come with that little tool or did you have to buy it at the watch store?

    • Brad

      It did come with the little tool, which made it quite easy to swap the bands.

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