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Trick-or-Treat Tally

Happy All Saints Day!

I spent Halloween in a new house last night, so I was curious to find out how many visitors I would have. I had candy at the ready, and I had The Nightmare Before Christmas Playing, and all the lights on.

I had three visits, for a total of eight trick-or-treaters. A smaller number than I expected, but more than I ever had in Maui. (I never had any in Maui.)

I shut everything down at 8pm so I could start getting ready for bed. Good thing I bought candy I like, since there’s so much left over. Or… er… maybe it’s not so good I got stuff I like. I already started eating it last night.

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  1. Lauren

    Mmmm….. at least you bought good candy!

    I didn’t have as many as usual last night, but I was glad of that. Our town has had trick-or-treat/trunk-or-treat/costume parades since last Thursday, so I think the kids might have been officially burned out on the process.

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