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Sunrise, Country Fair, Sunset

Yesterday we had an event at school called Country Fair. It’s like a fall carnival. It happens during school hours and is only open to school families. Preparations started early. I went outside to see what was going on, and saw that it was going to be a beautiful sunrise. I took pictures at two different times:

The event itself was really fun. There were bouncy houses and carnival games and food and contests. Wow!

There was also a dunk tank. And the people who sat in it? The eighth grade. I was asked if I would take a turn, and of course I said yes!

It was a little cold, but it was mostly fun. I enjoyed teasing the older kids when they were trying to dunk me. I was nice to the young kids though 🙂

What a fun day! I was tired when I got home though. After a nap on the couch, I was closing the window shutters, and noticed the sunSET was beautiful too! Of course I took a picture:


  1. Debbie Foelber

    What a fun day! It is always nice to have those special days to end the week. So glad you have great views to the horizon. I miss that. I used to be able to see nice sunrises from the MS porch when I arrived at school, but we are surrounded by trees and houses here at home. I enjoy seeing your beautiful shots.

    • Lauren


      Also, I love that you were in the dunk tank!

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