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Closet Contemplations

All the bedroom closets in my house have built-in shelves. At first, I liked the idea. I especially like the chest-height shelf that I can put my rings, belt, and pocket contents on.

But as I’ve continued to use the closet, I’ve encountered a difficulty: it’s hard to see and grab any clothes that are hanging on the sides of the shelves. In particular, my ties are really hard to store. They are packed tightly together, and they drag on the floor.

I think I might be able to remove one or more of the shelves and put the ties in the middle of the cabinet section. But I’m also thinking I might just remove the built-in altogether. If I want a place for folded clothes and pocket contents, I could just use a dresser.


  1. Lauren

    Could you use a different closet for the ties? For that matter, could you use a different room? I think the Victorians used to have ‘The Tie Room’. Don’t bother looking that up. 😉

    That is a tricky closet layout.

  2. Deborah

    That is an awkward design.

  3. Carol

    I can sympathize – there is a large closet in the primary bedroom here that does not seem well planned, as both sides extend far into the wall after the bi-fold doors open, making it a challenge to retrieve items from either end. I’d’ve rather they’d made the primary bath larger instead (it butts up against one end of that closet), but I wasn’t involved in the construction back in 1975, so…

    Knowing you, there’ll be a good solution to this, likely involving remodeling/removal/replacement of something. Hang in there – and BTW, if I recall correctly you once had a tie collection that exceeded 400 items. Did someone on the mainland save most of those for you (I sure hope so; you have some gems!) and they are now trying to jockey for space in the teeny closet?

  4. Kristi

    I’d move that shelving unit to one of the side walls and turn it 90 degrees. Then you could actually see what’s on the clothes rod.
    Can you take the top half of the shelving unit off and place it on the floor? Then you could have more space for the clothes rod.

    I want to see how you solve this!!!

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