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Bathroom Saga

The master bathroom in my house is an addition that was made years ago. It’s small, but it’s nice to have a second bathroom, especially one connected to the bedroom. It also has a door that goes to the outside, so one could go right from the swimming pool into the bathroom for showering and changing.

The bathroom has a shower, but no tub. The shower floor had a leak in it that I knew about before buying the house. Part of the negotiations was getting some money to fix that. Since I was fixing the floor, the tiles would be torn out, so they would need replacing. It was fun picking out something new.

I had intended to completely re-do the whole room and do a “before” and “after” post, but this project has taken WAY longer than I expected. I’m still not done. Everything is sequential… I can’t do this thing until that thing is done, and when I start doing that thing, I find out I need to do another thing first. Ack!

So to make a long story short (too late), I’ve decided to do a “before” and “so far” post, because this is just getting crazy.

As it turns out, I only have one “before” picture. Here it is:

Here are some “in progress” pictures of when I had someone fix the floor and re-tile:

I especially like that inset in the wall. It can hold soap and shampoo and whatnot, and it’s all at chest height. So nice! I saw something like it in pictures online, and asked the guy to put it in. Here is an “after” shot that shows the floor and the walls in their final form:

So since then, I’ve been trying to finish. Getting a sink to fit the room was a huge challenge. I finally went with a wall mounted sink. It’s small, but big enough for hand washing. I’ll have to get a cabinet or shelves if I want horizontal surfaces in the room.

I tried painting the walls yesterday, but got sidetracked because I wanted to take care of the medicine cabinet and lights. They were really old and cruddy-looking. I found a medicine cabinet, but no lights. And then it got dark. Another day past, and the bathroom is still not done. Sigh…


  1. Beth

    (Too late.)

    I almost commented how cool/coincidental it was that the toilet in there was just like the one you had on Baltimore… but then I looked back and noticed that it’s a new toilet, just like you would….did…pick out. Hahaha!
    It looks fabulous. 🙂

  2. Lauren

    WOW! That looks great! That insert in the shower is fantastic! I think that this is actually coming along pretty quickly, considering that you just moved in a couple of months ago.

    My sister started a bathroom remodel for a friend up in Alaska in 2019, but with several Life Events that happened, it never was finished. She went up there a couple of weeks ago to finish the full-room tiling job, only to find out that her friend hadn’t ordered any of the specialty plumbing fixtures. Ugh. There was much rush ordering/delivering/messing up on the part of the plumber, and the bathroom is only 90% done. Keren had to leave before the plumber could finish. So the upshot is that your bathroom is just great!

  3. Peggy

    Beautiful! And well worth the time!!

  4. Kristi

    Major improvement to the bathroom! You picked out great tile and flooring.

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