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The Early Dark

The combination of moving to a place that does the Time Change, and a place that is farther from the equator has reintroduced me to the dread and panic of the Early Dark.

Yesterday I stayed for a normal time after school, and when I left, it was already getting dark. I tried to show it in pictures, but my camera lightens any dark picture I take:

It was fully dark by the time I got home, because I stopped for some potting mix at Home Depot. I’m going to plant some bulbs – a definite perk of living somewhere father from the equator.

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  1. Lauren

    Yeah, it’s pretty bad here. Dark by 5. I have my second week of parent-teacher conferences this week and they don’t start until 5:30. It feels like I’m having them at midnight.

    ‘Yay’ for the bright side of the bulbs, though! There’s always a good thing!

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