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A couple days ago, I rushed home after school, and in the dwindling daylight, I planted bulbs in pots.

I planted two amaryllis bulbs. They survive outside in winter here! So excting!

For my memory archive, the back pot is “Vera”, and the front pot is “Rilona”. I’m so excited to see them bloom in the spring!

The amaryllis people gave me some allium karataviense, so I planted those in the little blue pot. I also got some hyacinths, because YUM! They smell so good!


  1. Lauren

    That is awesome! I was going to ask how long before they would bloom, but the internet tells me 6-12 weeks. Is that just when it’s warm? Will these sleep outside and then bloom in spring? Thank you for putting up with my dumbness.

    • Brad

      You’re right… outside, they will stay dormant until spring. But amaryllis are popular this time of year for indoor forcing – that is, keeping them warm so they think it’s spring, and they bloom. Because there are so many red varieties, they make nice Christmas decorations, since they would bloom just in time for Christmas. They’re SUPER easy to get to bloom. In fact, a popular thing now is to buy a bulb that has been dipped in wax. The wax makes it think it’s planted, and it just blooms sitting there on the counter. I don’t imagine the plant survives after that though.

      • Lauren

        Yes! That is my only knowledge of them. I had a little girl give me one a couple of years ago and it was fascinating watching it grow and bloom. I didn’t realize the wax was tricking it. Now I feel slightly evil…..

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