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Three Trip Task

Yesterday I put the faucet and drain in my bathroom sink! Woo hoo! There were some challenges along the way.

Mis-matching sizes for the water supply lines:

A big distance to span from the drain to the wall:

When I got to the last part of the drain, I needed a ninety degree bend.

A second trip to Home Depot, and then a trip to Lowe’s, and I found what I needed.

Success! I have a faucet and drain in my master bath! Yay!

The faucet is maybe a little big for the sink, but I really wanted two different handles for the hot and cold, rather than the single slidey handle.

The last thing I need in this bathroom is storage cabinets of some kind, and the room will be done!

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  1. Lauren

    How did I miss this? That looks great!

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