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Seeing the Sunset

And now, some sunset pictures:

I’ve been able to go home a little earlier the last couple days. And the sun is staying out later I think. It’s been nice.

Today is Thursday. I will be staying after school to talk about our History Fair, which I am co-in-charge-of. It’s like a science fair, but with history.

I have no other evening commitments, so it should be another not-late night. Nice!


  1. Carol

    History fairs can be great fun – are students dressing in period clothing and making presentations to attendees? Wishing I could see this in person now…

  2. Lauren

    Ahhhh…. a not-so-late night sounds delightful. I hope the talk goes well, and the time spent is fairly efficient. 🙂

    Lovely sunsets, too!

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